Enjoy your moment with Hyper Malt

Hyper Malt is a sweet, dark and nutritious soft drink made from only the best ingredients. Hyper Malt does not contain alcohol, so it’s suitable for all regions.

Hyper Malt is well-known for the full-bodied malt taste with a delicious smoothness – made from natural ingredients.

Premium imported malt beverage
Made by traditional brewing methods
Produced according to European Food Safety Authority

Composed by three different malts (Pilsner, Munich and Caramel Malt)
Made from the finest raw materials

Hyper Malt provides optimization, pleasure and nourishment for all occasions.

Balanced yet full bodied malt taste
Delicious smoothness

Rich in Vitamin B, and contains Biotin and B12 vitamins

Natural balance of carbohydrates, with no malt extract, preservatives or artificial flavors